Kapara Choil Modification

The Spyderco Kapara as it comes from the factory does not feature a sharpening choil as featured in the Redback prototype and handmade models. I prefer blades featuring a choil to make sharpening easier for the end user.

The modification is simple to perform yourself. However I am equipped to make the modification easily so am offering it as an after market service.

If you wish to give it a go yourself check out my DIY video on youtube.

If you are purchasing a Kapara from me and would like me to modify the blade for you by adding a sharpening choil add this to your cart at the same time as the Kapara.

If you have already purchased a Kapara and would like me to modify it for please contact me about shipping arrangements before purchasing this modification.


  • As this is a customization it could void the warranty with Spyderco for the Kapara.
  • I will take me a few extra days to be able to perform the modification, I will be unable to ship it immediately.